Whether it's a private G500 or part of a fleet of commercial widebodies, a passenger aircraft's true performance can be measured in more ways than the usual speed, range, durability and fuel consumption. Because at the end of the day, these machines' primary job is to transport passengers — and those passengers respond positively when they have comfortable, safe and esthetically satisfying seats to occupy during their journey. That's where we come in. We specialize in — and excel at — the design, engineering, repair, overhaul, and 9G testing of aircraft seats for vip/private and commercial aircraft. In addition, we're a key supplier of aftermarket refurbishment services for all Part 25 interior components. There are others in this field, but those who know us, know they can expect QAI to perform above and beyond the norm when it comes to innovation, quality, time & cost efficiency, and overall business integrity. This leads to repeat clients, because performance this good is optimal for operating budgets and passenger satisfaction levels.

Services we offer include:
• Design, repair, and overhaul of all Part 25 interior components
• Modification of seats with FAA 8110-3 Engineering Authorizations
• LOPA Engineering services with FAA 8110-3 and 8130-Compliance support
• Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Certification
• On-site 9G Static Testing for structural certification to all modifications
• On-site thermoplastic forming abilities and mold fabrication
• Dress cover fabrication